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Investor Information

HomeInvestor Information
HomeInvestor Information

General Information

Company Registration Number 0000691
National Tax Number 1874666-7
General Sales Tax Number 03-08-6907-001-82
Stock Exchange Symbol EMCO
Status of the Company Public Listed Company

Share Registrar

Corplink (Pvt) Limited
Wings Arcade. I-K , Commercial, Model Town, Lahore.

Link to:
Pakistan Stock Exchange

Financial Statements (Please click on the icon to View / Download)

Financial Year Annual 3rd Quarter Half Year 1st Quarter   Financial Year Annual 3rd Quarter Half Year 1st Quarter
FY-2018   FY-2014
FY-2017   FY-2013
FY-2016   FY-2012
FY-2015   FY-2011

Financial Highlights

Financial Ratios

Free Float of the Shares of the Company

Free – Float of shares of our company as on March 31, 2018 is hereunder:-
Category No. Category Description No. Of shares
- Issued Share /Certificate Capital Of the Company /Modaraba /Mutual Funds 35,000,000
Less: - -
Physical Shares - (6,853,868)
CAT02 Directors, Sponsors And Senior Management Officers And their Associates (17,704,790)
CAT04 Associate Companies /Group Companies (cross holdings) (3,525,710)
Free Float Shares 6,915,632