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About EMCO

The parent company, The Imperial Electric Company (Pvt.) Ltd., was established in 1931 and has been involved in trading of electrical goods. Soon after the creation of Pakistan, the needs for import substitution was felt and the sponsors of the parent company made the decision to establish a small manufacturing unit for electrical goods.

In 1951, a very modest beginning was made by setting up a small facility located in the basement of the offices of The Imperial Electric Company (Pvt.) Ltd., for the production of electrical accessories. With single minded initiative and efforts of Late Mr. Ata-ur-Rehman (the former Managing Director), the facilities were continuously upgraded and a full-fledged facility was established in Lahore, Pakistan by 1954 under the same name of Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (EMCO). The first comprehensive Insulator Manufacturing Plant was in operation with the active participation, know-how and machinery coming from Japan and France.

Keeping pace with the ever increasing and diversified demand of Insulators for national utilities and electrical industries in Pakistan, it was decided in 1965 to expand the facilities to produce all types of insulators including those required for extra high tension lines.

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Vision & Mission Statements Statement of Ethics and Business Practices EMCO Industries Ltd - Code of Conduct Company Policies

Vision Statement


Mission Statement

"EMCO, the pioneer of ceramics in Pakistan, is committed to producing high quality ceramic products, which include, high tension porcelain insulators and a number of substation products. At EMCO, we firmly believe in full satisfaction of our customers, employees and all other stakeholders. 

Quality is our prime consideration. Hence, we train our team constantly to improve the quality of our products. We consider raw material suppliers as our partners and prioritize the use of indigenous raw materials for the benefiting the national economy. We carry out aggressive R&D activities to constantly develop new products and innovate our existing products.

Our aim is to excel through continuous improvement, diversification and innovation."

"To Provide Quality Products and Services as per Satisfaction of Customers."

This will be achieved by Maintaining Sustainable Growth Fulfillment of Corporate Social Obligations. Continuous Improvement of Process focused on:

- Total Quality Management, Innovation and characterization, Technical Skill and Advancement in Cost Effectiveness,

- Building a Culture which: Creates a sense of ownership amongst employees. Encourages team effort, Recognizes and values the individual’s contribution.,Gives the individual an opportunity to enjoy and excel in their work. Encourages the individuals to put their best to achieve the shared vision. Every employee has the responsibility to build quality into the product. 

The Quality Assurance System operating within EMCO Industries Limited is based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2015; and is mandatory for every employee.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations:

EMCO Industries Ltd operates its business to comply with all applicable laws and regulations at the top levels of management. Directors will assure that the management is carrying out its affairs prudently in line with existing laws and regulations, and relevant managers give their direct reporting employees all the support to explain this law abiding behaviour and to ensure compliance at each level.

Occupational Health & Safety

EMCO Industries Ltd is committed to providing employees with a safe and healthy working environment for its employees and team members. Management ensures that employees are provided with adequate equipment and tools to ensure compliance with this practice. The company also mitigates any risks through proactive and preventive measures.

Ethical Conduct:

Integrity is a cornerstone of EMCO’s business. Directors and employees shall act on behalf of the company with professionalism, honesty and integrity as well as high moral and ethical standards.

Disclosure of Interest:

Directors must ensure that they do not enter into a situation where a conflict of interest may arise either directly or through any extended family member. In the event of such a situation, a director will need to make a disclosure of such conflict or interest in the meeting and refrain from entering the specific meeting/discussion/voting where the conflict of interest may prevail.

Insider Trading:

Directors shall not deal directly or indirectly in the securities EMCO whether on their own account or their relative’s account. Directors and employees who are in possession of any non-public information that could affect share price will not communicate directly or regarding this information to any external investor/party that could benefit from this information.

Other Directorship:

If a Director wishes to become officially involved with any third party corporation or other organization as director, trustee, officer or advisor, the director must inform the Board of Directors through the Company Secretary prior to such involvement.

Protecting Shareholders’ Interest:

Directors will be acting independently to protect the interest of all shareholders through their role of supervision on the business and the operational management team.

Intellectual Property

EMCO Industries Ltd. Recognizes adherence to intellectual property rights and expects it’s management team and employees to conform to the highest standards to refrain from copyright infringement and respecting licensing requirements. EMCO takes pride in confirming that all processes and products being used by the Company are legally acquired and used with the permission of the respective lawful owners.

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